RStudio on RaspberryPi 3

I have been able to build RStudio server on my RaspberryPi 3.
One change was crucial: I added a 16GB swap file on an external disk to my system (mounting the external drive and using dphys-swapfile – available in Raspbian)
I used the current version of Raspbian (Jessie), updated all packages,
and did
sudo apt-get install pandoc pandoc-citeproc
I also built R 3.3.2 from the sources (since the Raspbian repo only has R 3.1.1).

Installation of R went smoothly just with configure and make.

A few times durning build, the were notifications of missing (system) libraries, but the instructions what to install (using sudo apt-get install) were clear enough to finish the build).
Then I dowloaded the RStudio source from github and followed
the build instructions.

The process is not finished after
make install
but the INSTALL instructions are very clear about how to get the server up and running.

One minor change need to be made:
RStudion installs x86 binaries of pandoc and pandoc-citeproc in
These binaries have to be renamed (or deleted), than RStudio will use the binaries installed
from the Raspbian repo.

Notice: This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA. Permalink: RStudio on RaspberryPi 3

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