R package dependencies

CRAN at the moment (2015-12-12 12:25:37) has 7610 R packages.

Quite a few of these packages are required by other packages (by Depends, Imports, or LinkingTo)

Required by Packages
0 5791
1-9 1412
10-99 305
100-999 91
1000-1999 8
2000 3

So there are 3 packages required by 2000 or more other packages.

The 30 packages which are required by the highest numbers of other packages are:


These top 30 packages were written by the following authors:

Package Required by Authors
lattice 2377 Deepayan Sarkar
Rcpp 2044 Dirk Eddelbuettel, Romain Francois, JJ Allaire, Kevin Ushey, Qiang Kou, Douglas Bates and John Chambers
MASS 2022 Brian Ripley, Bill Venables, Douglas M. Bates, Kurt Hornik (partial port ca 1998), Albrecht Gebhardt (partial port ca 1998), David Firth
Matrix 1352 Douglas Bates and Martin Maechler
magrittr 1327 Stefan Milton Bache and Hadley Wickham
stringi 1283 Marek Gagolewski and Bartek Tartanus (stringi source code); IBM and other contributors (ICU4C 55.1 source code); Unicode, Inc. (Unicode Character Database)
stringr 1263 Hadley Wickham, RStudio
digest 1259 Dirk Eddelbuettel with contributions by Antoine Lucas, Jarek Tuszynski, Henrik Bengtsson, Simon Urbanek, Mario Frasca, Bryan Lewis, Murray Stokely, Hannes Muehleisen, Duncan Murdoch, Jim Hester and Wush Wu.
plyr 1171 Hadley Wickham
colorspace 1027 Ross Ihaka, Paul Murrell, Kurt Hornik, Jason C. Fisher, Achim Zeileis
RColorBrewer 1018 Erich Neuwirth
reshape2 956 Hadley Wickham
dichromat 924 Thomas Lumley, Scott Waichler
labeling 923 Justin Talbot
munsell 923 Charlotte Wickham
scales 922 Hadley Wickham, RStudio
proto 915 Louis Kates, Thomas Petzoldt
gtable 908 Hadley Wickham
ggplot2 895 Hadley Wickham, Winston Chang
nlme 802 José Pinheiro (S version), Douglas Bates (up to 2007), Saikat DebRoy (up to 2002), Deepayan Sarkar (up to 2005), EISPACK authors (src/rs.f), R-core
cluster 692 Martin Maechler, Peter Rousseeuw (Fortran original), Anja Struyf (S original), Mia Hubert (S original), Kurt Hornik (port to R; maintenance(1999-2000)), Matthias Studer, Pierre Roudier
survival 668 Terry M Therneau, Thomas Lumley (original S->R port and maintainer until 2009)
codetools 645 Luke Tierney
mvtnorm 607 Alan Genz, Frank Bretz, Tetsuhisa Miwa, Xuefei Mi, Friedrich Leisch, Fabian Scheipl, Bjoern Bornkamp, Martin Maechler, Torsten Hothorn
iterators 547 Rich Calaway, Revolution Analytics, Steve Weston
foreach 536 Rich Calaway, Revolution Analytics, Steve Weston
zoo 484 Achim Zeileis, Gabor Grothendieck, Jeffrey A. Ryan, Felix Andrews
nnet 466 Brian Ripley, William Venables
xtable 455 David B. Dahl
R6 422 Winston Chang
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